take your stinking paws off me you damned dirty ape

Alonso Miguel de Tovar (1678-1758), Doña Josepha Benavides, Marquise of Villena (detail), 1725

If you have a genuine interest in writing, please follow my poetry blog. I don’t necessarily want followers as much as I want people to take something from what I write. The amount of followers your blog has is no indication of success. Furthermore, if you’re going to follow me only to disregard my previous poems & ignore my future prose or to unfollow me at a later date, don’t bother.

For those of you who read even a single post from the blog, thank you. Compliments and criticisms are forever embraced with welcoming arms.

You are the reason I’ve come to set you free. Jesus has failed you. Jesus has failed me too.



Where are you seeing him?

Glasgow and Southampton :)

Niiice, enjoy! He was amazing in Cardiff on Saturday, you’ve got a lot to look forward to ;D


Fucking hell I’m excited for William Control. Can I just keep saying that until the 13th? Because I will.

Everyone posting about the gigs that have already happened is just freaking me out. (In a good way)

Where are you seeing him?

“I can never read all the books I want; I can never be all the people I want and live all the lives I want. I can never train myself in all the skills I want. And why do I want? I want to live and feel all the shades, tones and variations of mental and physical experience possible in life. And I am horribly limited.”

— Sylvia Plath (via lungs-)

Here’s the rope, tie me up to the bed. Pull it hard, break the skin, take me out of my head. There’s just one thing all I ask you to do, a small something. Here’s my body to use.


Three Installation by Maurizio Cattelan for the Castello di Rivoli collection (1998)